Sad Today :( .......... UPDATED

  UPDATE ....... I would just like to say a huge 'Thank You'  to all you luvly people  for your wonderful  kind words re Alfie,  they meant so much to me and really helped me get through the rest of the day until my family came home and I could share my grief with them ... it's been a very very sad day for us all, especially my Sis & Bro in Law. 

I have now added a beautiful pic of the sweet angel at the bottom of the original post  that I would luv to share with you ....once again Thanks everyone! 

That's me!  sad  :(   I'm home alone today  and have no one to talk to about how I'm feeling and I could  burst into tears at any moment ...again,  so hope you don't mind me writing this to get it off my chest ...so t speak.

This time 1 year ago  my darling little nephew 'Alfie'  passed away,  he would now be 2 years old so this is the 1st anniversary of his death. I just can't get motivated in any way today and feel so low.  I dread to think how my Sis/bro in law are feeling right now cuz  the heartache I'm feeling is unreal.    I know he's at rest now and no longer in pain and that I am thankful for but it still hurts like mad knowing we'll never see him again....life can be so damned cruel at times. 

I didn't know whether to share a pic of him with you but thought you might not like it and I do respect other peoples feelings.

Little Alfie

Thanks for popping by

xx Hugz Lizzy xx


  1. Sending you hugs Lizzy. It's 4yrs since we lost our little boy and I still have those sad days sometimes - I think I probably always will. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Lisa x

  2. Awwww lizzy I'm so sorry to read about little Alfie, the pain must be unbearable for you and your family.I wished I lived near to you so that I could give you a hug, sending you lots of love and hugs sweetie


  3. oh my goodness , I am so sorry xx It must be terrible to lose a child and can only imagine the grief that you and your family will all be feeling xx My heart goes out to you, your sister and BIL ,,, and everyone around you at this difficult time xx
    Don't be too hard on yourself , you are entitled to time to do nothing but grieve,, you just do what you feel is right hunny.
    I am thinking of you and your family and wish you had someone with you for a shoulder to cry on,,x x x
    sending love, hugs and lots of sympathy xx
    Lols x x x

  4. Hiya Lizzy of course its gonna be hard the 1st anna. always is..but like you say he is at peace now & not suffering..if it makes YOU feel better go ahead with a piccy it will be nice to see the sweet little guy..

    smiles Christine xx

  5. hi lizzy,sending you a large (((hug))) and wish i was nearer to comfort you but let it out and cry and yes add a pic of alfie as he was and still is a member of your family,take care and i hope hubby is soon home,x

  6. Oh Lizzy, I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel because some years ago my brother and his wife lost their first child. Do post a picture if you want to - you have to do whatever helps you through this. Sending you a big hug, Tracey xx

  7. Lizzy. I am so sorry for your families loss. I know there are no words that can I lost my twin brother 5 years ago and all I can tell you is that though the pain never goes away, it does get a little easier to manage as time goes by. I don't know what your thoughts on faith are, but for me, I feel llike God has really helped me through. I hope you feel a bit better soon.Thinking of you...

  8. So sorry you are alone today Lizzie, Alfie is in a better place but that is no comfort to you today....the first year is always the worst,... i.e.... first birthday, first Christmas, first of everything....... safe in the arms of Jesus.....
    Thinking of you
    Tilly x

  9. Hi Lizzy, I'm so sorry for your loss!! I think this feeling will come back every year, it sounds so unfair for he never got the chance to live and enjoy life. Just know my thoughts are with you and your family.

  10. I can't image how you are feeling, to lose a child so young it is so cruel,
    my thought are with you
    big hugs from Daniele x

  11. Sending you Big Hugs Lizzy
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  12. Sending love your way Lizzy, you put a picture of him on your blog hun, if it makes you feel better then why not......take care.xxx

  13. Oh hun...sending you big hugs sweetie and I cannot imagine what you are going through...my thoughts are with you and your family..

    love Vicky xx

  14. Hi Lizzy
    I'm so sorry to hear about little Alfie, my deepest sympathys to your family. I lost my youngest brother last year and know that the grief is so hard, even now. Please don't be hard on yourself.
    Take care.

  15. Aww Lizzy, big hugs to you and your family at this sad time ..... in time it will become easier. Hugs, Claire x

  16. Aaw! Lizzy thinking about you, time passes so quickly too, hope you found some comfort from messages you recieved.There are a lot of peeps that care about you !x

  17. aw hun.i am so sorry, have only just seen your post and its too late to phone you now.
    you shouldn`t be so hard on yourself.you need a good cry hun and a cuddle from ya hubby.
    remember little alfie is still with you everyday, in your heart and mind.

    sending huge hugs
    luv nic xxxxxx

  18. Hi Lizzy. Sending some hugs your way and can't imagine what your sister and family have went through this past year. The first year is always the worst. Take Care. Donna

  19. My thought have been with you this month wasn't quite sure of the date but knew it was due, it's unreal how fast time goes. Thinking of you all, Janet

  20. Hi Lizzy, I am so sorry to hear today is the day... I just want to tell you I am thinking of you on this very difficult day and sending you big big hugs. I think it is good you added your little angel's picture to your post:-). Lots of love and hugs Delphine xx

  21. Am not sure what to say Lizzy as this is such a really tough one to bear. All I know is you need your time to grieve and sending you a hug.
    Hugs Annette x

  22. the first anniversaries are the hardest.
    Sending huge hugs.

  23. I'm thinking of you Lizzy Lou.Little Alfie is on the rainbow with all of our angels,watching you and the boys,mummy and daddy and his little sister.My little blue candle shines for your special little boy xx Love you Lizzy Lou always from Pinky Poo xxxxxxx

  24. Thinking of you hun and sending hugs, Luv Sam x

  25. Hi Lizzie ((gentle hugs)) Thinking of you & your family while you remember fondly your little angel xx Jenny xx


Thanks for the visit today I do value your comments ...hope to see ya again soon.

xx Hugs Lizzy xx :)